how to calculate percentage of marks

What does percentage mean?

In mathematics, a percentage is simply a number or ratio that represents a fraction out of 100. It is used to compare values and is represented by the symbol “%”. In easy-to-understand words, a percentage is a way of expressing a number as a fraction out of 100.

What is the basic formula to find a student’s percentage of marks?

To find a student’s percentage of obtained marks, we use the following percentage calculation formula:

Percentage = (Obtained Marks/Total Marks)*100

In the above formula, “Obtained marks” is the score received by the student and “Total marks” represent the maximum marks possible for that particular exam. This is the formula used in schools, colleges and universities to find the percentages of marks obtained by a student.

Examples of the percentage marks calculation

A) For example, a student obtained 80 marks out of 100 in an exam, we can calculate their percentage by dividing their obtained marks by the total and multiplying the result by 100. 

Obtained Marks = 80

Total Marks = 100

Percentage = (Obtained Marks/Total Marks)*100 = 80%

B) A student obtained 85 marks out of 100 on a physics test. To calculate the percentage of the obtained marks, we can use the following formula:

Percentage = (85/100) * 100 = 85%

Therefore, the student scored 85% on the physics test.

C) A student scored 38 out of 50 marks on an English test. To find the percentage of his obtained marks, we will use the following formula: 

Percentage = (38/50) * 100 = 76%

Thus, the student scored 76% on the English test.

What is the Difference between Percentages & Fractions?

Percentages and fractions both represent parts of a whole, with percentages being numbers expressed as fractions out of 100.

On the other hand side, fractions use a numerical ratio of two integers. Percentages are mostly used in finance and businesses, while fractions are commonly used in science and math.

Marks to Percentage Chart

Check out the table below, which displays the test grades for a particular exam along with their corresponding percentages based on a maximum mark of 200.

Marks on testMarks Percentage

How to find the percentage of any number?

how to find percentage of any number

It’s very easy! Just use this formula:

Percentage = (Part/Whole) * 100. ‘Part’ stands for the number you want to find the percentage of, and ‘Whole’ represents the total value.

Let’s say we want to find 33 out of 200 percentages. In this case, 33 is the “Part”, and 200 is the “Whole”. Now, let’s calculate the percentage for a given number of 33 out of 200 using the formula.

Percentage = (33/200)*100 = 16.5%

Thus, 33 is 16.5% of 200.

Useful tips and tricks for calculating percentages.

Calculating percentages can be made easier with these helpful tips:

  1. To calculate 50% of a number, divide it by 2. Let’s suppose, 50% of 30 is 30/2 = 15.
  2. To calculate percentages greater than 100%, multiply the number by the percentage and divide by 100. For instance, 170% of 40 is calculated as (170/100) x 40 = 68.
  3. To calculate 25% of a number, divide it by 4.

Using these simple tips, we can quickly and accurately calculate percentages for various applications, such as determining grades and exam scores or calculating discounts and sales tax.


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