CGPA to Marks (out of 100) Calculator

Converting CGPA into marks can be a bit tricky because it relies solely on the grading scale used by your school, college, or university. As we all know, various institutions employ different grading scales, so the conversion method may vary. However, I can assist you in understanding the most effective method for calculating marks from CGPA. Keep reading!

Steps to convert CGPA into marks:

1. Understand Your Grading Scale:

First, it’s essential to be aware of the grading scale used by your educational institution. As mentioned earlier, different institutions use varying grading systems. While CGPA is often based on a 10-point scale, it might differ in some cases.

2. Find Your CGPA’s Percentage Equivalent:

Once you know your grading scale, the next step is to determine the equivalent percentage range. Here’s a simple chart to help you:

CGPAPercentage Equivalent
10.0 CGPA95-100%
9.5 CGPA90-94.9%
9.0 CGPA85-89.9
8.5 CGPA80-84.9
8.0 CGPA75-79.9
7.5 CGPA70-74.9
7.0 CGPA65-69.9
6.5 CGPA60-64.9
6.0 CGPA55-59.9
5.5 CGPA50-54.9
5.0 CGPA45-49.9
4.0 CGPA40-44.9
3.0 CGPA35-39.9
2.0 CGPA30-34.9
1.0 CGPA25-29.9
0.0 CGPA0-24.9

3. Calculate Your Percentage:

With the percentage range for each CGPA in hand, you can easily calculate your percentage. For instance, if your CGPA is 7, and the corresponding range is 60-69%, you can calculate your percentage by averaging the two numbers: (60 + 69) / 2 = 64.5%.

4. Adapt to the Appropriate Grading Scale:

Some institutions may use different grading scales, such as a 4.0 or 5.0 scale. In such cases, you’ll need to adjust your conversion method accordingly. For a 4.0 scale, a CGPA of 4.0 is commonly considered equivalent to 100%.

There are many other methods as well for CGPA to marks conversion.

What is the formula to convert CGPA to Marks?

cgpa into marks

There isn’t a specific formula for directly converting CGPA to marks, but you can follow this straightforward approach as a starting point if you have the percentage range corresponding to each CGPA from your educational institution:

Percentage = [(Your CGPA – Minimum CGPA for the range) / (Maximum CGPA for the range – Minimum CGPA for the range)] * (Percentage Range)

Conversion of Marks to Grades:

% of Marks out of 100Grade PointGrade
49 or lessF0

How to calculate total marks?

Steps to Calculate Your Total Marks:

  • Begin by multiplying your CGPA by 9.5 to obtain your total percentage.
  • Next, divide the total percentage by 100.
  • Then, multiply the result by the total marks for all subjects.
  • Finally, the outcome represents the marks you have achieved.

Here’s an example with six subjects, each having a total of 100 marks:

If your CGPA is 6, you can calculate it as follows:

  • Multiply CGPA 6 by 9.5, resulting in 57%.
  • Divide 57% by 100.

Suppose the total marks for all subjects amount to 500. In that case, you can calculate your total marks as follows: (57/100) * 500 = 285 marks.