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Curious about the process of calculating your percentage from CGPA? Knowing this conversion process can be helpful for students, parents, and educators alike. Our CGPA to percentage converter can save you time and hassle, making it easier than ever to understand your academic performance. Keep reading to learn more!

cgpa to percentage

How to convert CGPA to Percentage?

It will vary depending on the grading system used by institutions. But generally, the maximum CGPA is 10 or 4. You can use our CGPA in percentage converter, or you can use these short and simple steps to evaluate percentage from CGPA.

how to convert cgpa into percentage

a) Method of converting CGPA into percentage

First of all, you need to determine the CGPA score. For CGPA to calculator, you need to do the following things, 

  1. Add the marks of all your subjects
  2. Add the grades of all of your subjects 
  3. Divide the total number of grades by the total number of subjects
  4. You’ll get your CGPA.

b) Conversion Formula to calculate the percentage from CGPA

To convert CGPA into a percentage, multiply it by a specific factor based on the grading scale used by your institution. You can also convert your percentage to CGPA.

c) Conversion Table

10 CGPA in percentage95%
9.9 CGPA in percentage94.05%
9.8 CGPA in percentage93.10%
9.7 CGPA in percentage92.15%
9.6 CGPA in percentage91.20%
9.5 CGPA in percentage90.25%
9.4 CGPA in percentage89.30%
9.3 CGPA in percentage88.35%
9.2 CGPA in percentage87.40%
9.1 CGPA in percentage86.45%
9 CGPA in percentage85.50%
8.9 CGPA in percentage84.55%
8.8 CGPA in percentage83.60%
8.7 CGPA in percentage82.65%
8.6 CGPA in percentage81.70%
8.5 CGPA in percentage80.75%
8.4 CGPA in percentage79.80%
8.3 CGPA in percentage78.85%
8.2 CGPA in percentage77.90%
8.1 CGPA in percentage76.95%
8 CGPA in percentage76%
7.9 CGPA in percentage75.05%
7.8 CGPA in percentage74.10%
7.7 CGPA in percentage73.15%
7.6 CGPA in percentage72.20%
7.5 CGPA in percentage71.25%
7.4 CGPA in percentage70.30%
7.3 CGPA in percentage69.35%
7.2 CGPA in percentage68.40%
7.1 CGPA in percentage67.45%
7 CGPA in percentage66.50%
6.9 CGPA in percentage65.55%
6.8 CGPA in percentage64.60%
6.7 CGPA in percentage63.65%
6.6 CGPA in percentage62.70%
6.5 CGPA in percentage61.75%
6.4 CGPA in percentage60.80%
6.3 CGPA in percentage59.85%
6.2 CGPA in percentage58.90%
6.1 CGPA in percentage57.95%
6 CGPA in percentage57%
5.9 CGPA in percentage56.05%
5.8 CGPA in percentage55.10%
5.7CGPA in percentage54.15%
5.6 CGPA in percentage53.20%
5.5 CGPA in percentage52.25%
5.4 CGPA in percentage51.30%
5.3 CGPA in percentage50.35%
5.2 CGPA in percentage49.40%
5.1 CGPA in percentage48.45%
5 CGPA in percentage47.50%
4.9 CGPA in percentage46.55%
4.8 CGPA in percentage45.60%
4.7 CGPA in percentage44.65%
4.6 CGPA in percentage43.70%
4.5 CGPA in percentage42.75%
4.4 CGPA in percentage41.80%
4.3 CGPA in percentage40.85%
4.2 CGPA in percentage39.90%
4.1 CGPA in percentage38.95%
4 CGPA in percentage38%
3.9 CGPA in percentage37.05%
3.8 CGPA in percentage36.10%
3.7 CGPA in percentage35.15%
3.6 CGPA in percentage34.20%
3.5 CGPA in percentage33.25%
3.4 CGPA in percentage32.30%
3.3 CGPA in percentage31.35%
3.2 CGPA in percentage30.40%
3.1 CGPA in percentage29.45%
3 CGPA in percentage28.50%

What is the full form of CGPA, and how is CGPA calculated?

CGPA full form is Cumulative Grade Point Average,which is a grading system used in schools and colleges to evaluate a student’s academic performance over a period of time. CGPA calculation is based on the student’s total grades in each course and the number of credits assigned to each course. It is a useful tool for both students and educational institutions to measure academic performance and track progress throughout a program.

However, grading criteria and credit values can vary between institutions and teachers, so it’s important to understand the system used by your specific school or program.

The Calculation of CGPA Example

Let’s try to simplify the process of calculation of CGPA with the help of following example:

SubjectsCredit HoursGradeGrade PointsSubject Grade Points
Subject A3B39
Subject B3A412
Subject C4C28
Subject D2A48

CGPA = total grade points/total credit hours
CGPA = 37/12 = 3.08

What is the primary difference between CGPA and GPA?

CGPA and GPA result from students’ academic performance in a semester or overall course. But when we calculate one of them, their formulas are different because of the following few reasons, 

1: GPA (Grade Point Average) is calculated after a term or year, but CGPA is calculated after completing the whole course.

2: In the Grade Point Average system, each course or subject is assigned a particular number of credit hours, and a Grade is given for each course/subject. The grade point of a subject/course is then multiplied by the total number of credit hours of the subject, and the resulting value is added up to calculate the GPA of that particular course/subject.

3: In CGPA, all the credit hours and grading points of all course subjects are added up to calculate CGPA of a course.

How to Convert a 10-Point CGPA to a 4-Point GPA: A Step-by-Step Guide

There is a very simple approach to calculate 4-point GPA from 10-point CGPA. Here’s the conversion formula:

4-point GPA = (CGPA/10) X 4

Now, let’s break each step:

1: Divide your CGPA by 10: The first step is to divide your CGPA by 10 to get your normalized GPA.
2: Multiply your Normalized GPA by 4:

After calculating the normalized GPA, you can multiply your Normalized GPA by 4.

Let’s suppose, your CGPA is 7.5 on a 10.0 grading scale.

Normalized GPA = 7.5/10 = 0.75

4-point GPA = 0.75 x 4 = 3.0

So, a CGPA of 7.5 on a 10.0 grading scale is equal to a 4-point GPA of 3.0.

How to convert CGPA to GPA?

Converting CGPA into GPA is quite simple! To do so, you can either multiply your CGPA by a conversion factor or refer to a conversion table provided by your educational institution. Each school may have its own specific method for conversion. To get the most accurate results, I will suggest reaching out to your friendly academic advisor or referring to your school’s guidelines. They will be able to provide you with the right formula or table for calculating GPA from CGPA.

CGPA Grading System – Conversion Table

Grade PointGradePercentage
4.0A+94 – 100
4.0A85 – 93
3.7A-80 – 84
3.4B+75 – 79
3.0B70 – 74
2.7B-67 – 69
2.4C+64 – 66
2.0C60 – 63
1.7C-57 – 59
1.4D+54 – 56
1.0D50 – 53
0.0FBelow 50

How to improve CGPA?

I believe that “Nothing is impossible.” If you also believe, you shouldn’t worry about the low CGPA because you can improve it. Here’re some proven tips and tricks to improve your CGPA, 

1: Do not miss regular classes 

If you want to improve your CGPA, don’t skip regular classes because attending regular classes helps you stay up-to-date with the course material. Let me tell you some disadvantages in case you skip regular classes, 

  • You may miss the detailed explanation of a particular topic
  • You’ll also miss the chance to ask questions regarding a particular topic
  • Most importantly, you may miss the chance to get extra credit hours

So, if you are passionate and do not want to miss any of the above, never miss the regular classes.

2: Join the group of smart fellows

Study groups are always beneficial because it motivates you to work harder. So, you should join the group of fellows with a higher CGPA than you. You can form one if you don’t find any study group.

3: Identify your strengths and weaknesses 

Everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses. For example, are you good in theory? Do you pick things quickly during the class or need to reread multiple times to understand?

To get a good CGPA, plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

4: Create notes for everything you learn during the class

Notes always help during exams because it helps to understand things quickly. So, taking proper notes during class is essential. To create proper notes, you need proper attention.

5: Do a weekly progress review

This is very important to progress towards your goal of improving your CGPA. If you keep doing weekly progress reviews, you can monitor things. 

weekly progress review

Most students study one day before the exams, which is not good. If you keep reviewing things every week for half an hour or two, then your brain starts building familiarity with the latest material.

6: Set a daily/weekly/monthly goal

It is necessary to set a goal to achieve anything in life, whether it’s your study or career goal. Setting specific goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is crucial for achieving a good CGPA.

daily/weekly/monthly goal

For example, you are preparing for the toughest subject, so you should divide the course into parts and try to cover some parts of the course weekly. This is a good strategy to cover the whole syllabus within a certain period. But consistency is the key to success.

Remember, it will not be easy until you keep yourself motivated, consistent, and patient. Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of a good CGPA and long-term rewards.

We are currently in the process of developing a CGPA to marks calculator, which will provide a complete and accurate conversion process. Once we have completed the development phase, we will add the calculator to our website.


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